About TPI

Traffic Psychology International TPI is a forum of traffic experts who cooperate with the goal to support road users in their individual traffic behaviour.

Traffic is generated by individuals acting and interacting in the public space in order to reach certain goals and to fulfil certain tasks. They do this in a given physical frame – traffic infrastructure – and using different types of transport: Cars, bicycles, public transport means, or simply their legs. Societal features like laws, informal rules, media reporting, and the social climate are both outcomes and determinants of individual behaviour.

Psychology is the scientific discipline that deals with human behaviour, its understanding and its control. The goal of Traffic Psychology is to support the individual road user and to help shaping the physical and social environment in such a way that socially, economically, and ecologically sound acting and interacting – i.e. sustainable traffic – is enhanced. Traffic safety is one important feature of such sustainable traffic.

International co-operation of psychologists is required in order to reach this goal because traffic is not limited to single countries and road users have the right of free mobility overall in Europe. Against this background there are many common issues to be discussed in order to produce appropriate and creative common frameworks for analysis and problem solutions.