Traffic Psychology International TPI is a forum of traffic experts who cooperate with the goal to support road users in their individual traffic behaviour.

Traffic is generated by individuals acting and interacting in the public space in order to reach certain goals and to fulfil certain tasks. They do this in a given physical frame – traffic infrastructure – and using different types of transport: Cars, bicycles, public transport means, or simply their legs. Societal features like laws, informal rules, media reporting, and the social climate are both outcomes and determinants of individual behaviour.

Psychology is the scientific discipline that deals with human behaviour, its understanding and its control. The goal of Traffic Psychology is to support the individual road user and to help shaping the physical and social environment in such a way that socially, economically, and ecologically sound acting and interacting – i.e. sustainable traffic – is enhanced. Traffic safety is one important feature of such sustainable traffic.

International co-operation of psychologists is required in order to reach this goal because traffic is not limited to single countries and road users have the right of free mobility overall in Europe. Against this background there are many common issues to be discussed in order to produce appropriate and creative common frameworks for analysis and problem solutions. aladin.org.ua

Nintendo Is Letting The Great GameCube Catalog Of Games Gather Dust

A look at what Nintendo might be intending with GameCube remasters, because it clearly doesn’t want a digital console on Change.

This cube-shaped console was not the very successful in sales. In fact, in the moment, it was Nintendo’s worst selling home console. According to Nintendo’s revenue statistics, the GameCube marketed under 22 million units. It wasn’t a pop culture phenomenon such as the Wii and Switch could be years later. Despite low sales, the GameCube would go on to be valued for two reasons. The first is the favorite controller that is still in use today. The second, and bigger factor, is the incredibly strong software library.

The GameCube’s Beautiful Library Of course, the machine launched with Luigi’s Mansion, which is going to receive its third installment this year. Later from the GameCube’s launch season saw the release of Super Smash Bros.. Melee, a Dolphin emulator roms that remained popular over 15 years after its introduction. Super Mario Sunshine, one of Mario’s most unique adventures, was released for the GameCube. Metroid Prime, considered by many as one of the greatest matches of all time, released early in the GameCube’s lifespan. A couple notable franchises got their start to the console. Pikmin, in Addition to Animal Crossing (for lovers outside Japan), began on GameCube.

All this is merely the tip of the iceberg, since the console is home to several other fantastic games, for example The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, along with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. However, despite having so many prominent names, the GameCube seems to have been ignored by Nintendo.

The Virtual Console And Nintendo’s Neglect Of GameCubeWhen the Wii started, among its notable features was backward compatibility with GameCube games. Consequently, if you wished to make shelf space for a Wii, and still wanted to play GameCube games, what worked out nicely. The Wii also introduced the Virtual Console. This electronic service allowed players to download and play games from Nintendo’s past. Newcomers, perhaps children who did not mature in the late 90s, may also play with these iconic titles. In other words, the Virtual Console has been an superb concept, and lasted into Nintendo’s next console.

The Wii U is Nintendo’s worst selling console, but people who did possess it valued its Virtual Console library. The Wii U permitted for backward compatibility for Wii games, but maybe not GameCube. This was fine, but then fans saw there wasn’t any GameCube titles being offered in the Virtual Console or even eShop. What’s really interesting is that the Wii U really added some Wii matches to its eShop. You can download Super Mario Galaxy and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, however there was no way to play  Super Mario Sunshine or Kirby’s Air Ride. Anybody who picked up a Wii U as their first games console, and wanted to play with GameCube names, were out of luck. They could play games from the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and Wii, but not GameCube.

Nintendo has re-released a few GameCube titles. There was also The Wind Waker HD on Wii U, and Nintendo brought the original  Luigi’s Mansion to the 3DS last year. Fans are wondering if this really is the potential for GameCube titles. Recently, there was the trend,”#remasterthousandyeardoor,” so demand is strong for bringing back GameCube titles. Even though more remasters would be good, a majority desire GameCube names available cheaply and digitally, considering the GameCube is becoming a”retro” console similar to the Nintendo 64.

GameCube On Change?Interestingly, there were reports back in 2016 saying the Nintendo Switch would be getting GameCube games on its own Virtual Console. This unfortunately was not true, and in fact, Nintendo later stated the Switch would not have a Virtual Console. Presently, the only 1st-party classic Nintendo games available on Switch are NES titles via Nintendo Shift Online. There have been rumors that SNES games will join the lineup sooner or later. In terms of GameCube, here is something interesting: Nintendo deputy general director Yoshiaki Koizumi told French website Metlty (through Polygon), “What I can tell you is that we’re working on matters that go in that direction,” when asked about GameCube titles on Virtual Console. Keep in mind though, this was before Nintendo said there wouldn’t be any Virtual Console on Switch. This might then imply two things: GameCube digital programs are scrapped, or so the provider is bringing them digitally another way.

Recently, Nintendo said it is considering an “expansion” for Nintendo Switch Online, and looking into”other methods” of providing the games. Nintendo also sees that many lovers are “wanting to play past titles.” Nintendo is not ignorant of fans’ desire to play classic games from the company’s library. So, how could GameCube games be brought back now? Obviously, there is the notion of a different Virtual Console-like support for GameCube matches, or simply putting them onto the eShop. Then there is adding the names as a piece of Nintendo Switch Online. The difficulty there is that if Nintendo adds the consoles in order, it might be years until GameCube is next. Therefore, what would be best is adding select GameCube games for purchase to the eShop over time, or begin sprinkling GameCube names (along with SNES and Nintendo 64) into Nintendo Shift Online.

Don’t Lose HopeThe GameCube isn’t one of Nintendo’s most successful consoles, but it has a solid library of games. Nintendo appears to have neglected the GameCube, besides re-releases. The future could be bright, however. There’s no affirmation that GameCube games are coming, but Nintendo is quite mindful of lovers’ desire, and the company might be working on something